Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Austerity in the U.K. Regarded as Obsolete

The Source for the WSJ reports: For all the howls of Keynesian outrage at the austerity that’s crushing the U.K. economy, one little point seems to be missed: the U.K. government’s plans are to spend more money in each of the coming years than in the previous year. REVIEW FURTHER

German Manufacturing Orders Surprises

FRANKFURT—New orders in Germany's key manufacturing sector rose sharply in October, beating expectations and adding to a recent run of positive data that indicate the euro-zone's largest economy has yet to succumb to the bloc's worsening debt crisis. REVIEW FURTHER

S&P Adds Fat to Fire

Monday's euro-zone downgrade warning by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services is a muscular move by a firm that was pilloried for its supposed laxity in the financial crisis. REVIEW FURTHER