Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Key Players in Europe's Debt Crisis

Profiles, Quotes - Europe's political and financial leaders are looking for ways to stem the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis. VIEW INTERACTIVE

Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence Weakens

LONDON—Consumers in the 17 countries that use the euro became more downbeat about their prospects in November 2011, as the currency bloc's fiscal crisis deepened, weakening the outlook for the economy and the jobs market. READ MORE

What Will Make the Great Financial Crisis Look Like Child's Play?

In 2008, when we were hours away from ATMs running out of money, small businesses being unable to pay their staffs, and schools and hospitals closing down through lack of cash flow, it felt as if the crisis of the century was upon us. But if the world continues on its current path, the historians of the future will say that the great financial collapse of three years ago was simply the trailer for a succession of avoidable crises that eroded popular consent for globalization itself. READ MORE

Euro Bonds: The Pros and Cons, According to the European Commission

A European Commission discussion paper on euro bonds to be released on Wednesday, puts forward three possible approaches for issuing common government bonds in the euro zone.